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Small and large granite Stories  (Articles)

The timeless, universal granite but also allowed him to experience a unique history. This natural stone has not only managed to survive through time, she accomplished the feat of being acclaimed around the world.The adventure begins granite in Egypt of the pharaohs and hieroglyphics. It was at Gi...
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StoneExpoUkraine 2011  (Events)

From 5/19/2011 To 5/22/2011
Odessa, Ukraine
V International exhibition 'StoneExpoUkraine' ('STONE IN CONSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECTURE') will tak...
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Trades of natural stone: Stonemason  (Articles)

Both technical and artistic, the trade of stonemason requires complementary qualities: theoretical knowledge combined with a sharp sense of aesthetics said.These qualities, stonemasons share it for millennia. Function are indeed since man began to build buildings. However, nowadays, the tailors a...
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Small and large granite Stories  (Articles)

This natural stone has been one of the basic materials for the construction of many monuments inAncient Rome. The most famous and most impressive of them isColosseumA surrounding amphitheater began to 70 whose outer walls are structured in travertine. Able to accommodate between 50,000 and 75,000...
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Exposed stone wall: naturally ostentatious!  (Articles)

Give style to his house, everyone dreams! And when it comes to character, each displays first beautiful beams and stone walls.Unfortunately, with the techniques and modern building materials, we inherit these assets more than they built them.The charm of these walls is mainly because they are all...
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StoneExpoUkraine 2010  (Events)

From 10/28/2010 To 10/31/2010
Odessa, Ukraine
The Ukrainian market of natural stone is one of the most dynamically upcoming with regard to the ...
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The stone? Alum present on all fronts!  (Articles)

Natural stones may have unsuspected powers ... The stone alum, for example, has among other cosmetic virtues that belong to it. It is the salt of this mineral is present on all continents, giving it its unique properties. If it can be synthesized, this stone is most often marketed in its natural ...
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StoneExpoUkraine 2009  (Events)

From 5/20/2009 To 5/23/2009
Odessa, Ukraine
The Ukrainian market of natural stone is one of the most dynamically upcoming with regard to the ...
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Stone Expo  (Events)

From 1/27/2008 To 1/29/2008
Gand, Belgium
Biannual Benelux trade fair for the sectors natural stone, ceramics ans quartz composites Natural...
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What is the difference between marble and granite?  (Articles)

The main component of marble is calcium carbonate (that's why it is also called carbonate), while the main component of granite is silicon oxide (that's why it is also called silicate). The chemical-physical-mechanical properties of granite are very different from those of marble and this is wh...
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