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Thibaut, intelligent machines  (Articles)

The story begins in 1949 Thibaut, the year in which Henri Theo begins to repair polishing head in his garage.For over 50 years, this family company sells machines designed to shape all types of materials. And it is precisely this experience that enabled him to become a pillar industry. With 150 m...
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Stone Expo  (Events)

From 1/27/2008 To 1/29/2008
Gand, Belgium
Biannual Benelux trade fair for the sectors natural stone, ceramics ans quartz composites Natural...
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Bauma 2013  (Events)

From 4/15/2013 To 4/21/2013
Munich, Germany
No other fair has a wider range of fascinating technologies in the sectors for construction machi...
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Mashex 2010  (Events)

From 10/26/2010 To 10/29/2010
Moscow, Russia
13th international specialized exhibition for machinery, components, materials, technologies and ...
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Bauma 2007  (Events)

From 4/23/2007 To 4/29/2007
München, N.A. Germany
28th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Mach...
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bauma 2010  (Events)

From 4/19/2010 To 4/25/2010
Munich, N.A. Germany
29th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Mach...
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Do your part for sustainable development: the issue of water  (Articles)

Water, beyond being an environmental concern, will be one of the greatest geopolitical issues of 21thcentury. In some parts of the world, already causing a lack of wars between states ...The actors of the stone can only be sensitive to these issues, the ones who operate in an area where water is ...
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Saudi Stone - Tech 2011  (Events)

From 10/16/2011 To 10/19/2011
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Stone - Tech 2011, the 14th annual International Stone and Stone Technology and Machinary E...
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Bauma China 2010  (Events)

From 11/23/2010 To 11/26/2010
Shanghai, N.A. China
International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Construction Veh...
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Small and large quartzite Stories  (Articles)

The quartzite was used since the time of ancient Egypt. With this material Amenhotep III, 9thpharaoh of the 18ththDynasty, built around 1400 BC "the two colossi of Memnon"Adorning the entrance to his mortuary temple. These two sculptures, still standing, impress by their size approaching 20 meter...
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