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Small and large marble History  (Articles)

The natural elegance and richness of the marble make it a special stone: since its discovery and initial extraction inGreek AntiquityThe fascination she exercised over men never faltered.It is precisely this period that saw the birth of the buildings at once precious to our history, and an essent...
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Small and large sandstone Stories  (Articles)

History sandstone is not new. It begins withStonehenge"Hanging stones" in French, a monument erected in circular England between 2800 and 1100 BC. Its stones, most of sandstone, are in fact symbols funeral: dozens of tombs were found at their site. Originally, only a few rocks were arranged in a ...
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Small and large granite Stories  (Articles)

The timeless, universal granite but also allowed him to experience a unique history. This natural stone has not only managed to survive through time, she accomplished the feat of being acclaimed around the world.The adventure begins granite in Egypt of the pharaohs and hieroglyphics. It was at Gi...
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Small and large granite Stories  (Articles)

This natural stone has been one of the basic materials for the construction of many monuments inAncient Rome. The most famous and most impressive of them isColosseumA surrounding amphitheater began to 70 whose outer walls are structured in travertine. Able to accommodate between 50,000 and 75,000...
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  Type Granite 
Color Green
Availability Low 
Country Brazil 
Suitable Exterior 
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  Type Granite 
Color Beige
Availability Rare 
Country Brazil 
Suitable Exterior 
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  Type Granite 
Color Grey
Availability Rare 
Country Italy 
Suitable Exterior 
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NEGRO TIJUCA  (Material)

  Type Granite 
Color Black
Availability Average 
Country Brazil 
Suitable Other 
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The transformation of Carrara marble breathless  (Articles)

The transformation of Carrara marble is experiencing serious difficulties and the crisis only partially explains the slowdown ... The emergence of new competitors on the international scene has thwarted an activity in which Italy had a near monopoly ."There are 20 or 30 years, most of the world ...
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Marmol 08  (Events)

From 2/5/2008 To 2/9/2008
Valencia, Spain
A bigger product offer than ever before, unusual finishes, the very latest in architecture and de...
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