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  Type Marble 
Color Brown
Availability Low 
Country Italy 
Suitable Exterior - Interior 
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Small and large marble History  (Articles)

The natural elegance and richness of the marble make it a special stone: since its discovery and initial extraction inGreek AntiquityThe fascination she exercised over men never faltered.It is precisely this period that saw the birth of the buildings at once precious to our history, and an essent...
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What is the difference between marble and granite?  (Articles)

The main component of marble is calcium carbonate (that's why it is also called carbonate), while the main component of granite is silicon oxide (that's why it is also called silicate). The chemical-physical-mechanical properties of granite are very different from those of marble and this is wh...
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The transformation of Carrara marble breathless  (Articles)

The transformation of Carrara marble is experiencing serious difficulties and the crisis only partially explains the slowdown ... The emergence of new competitors on the international scene has thwarted an activity in which Italy had a near monopoly ."There are 20 or 30 years, most of the world ...
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Mertika Marble Ltd  (Company)

Meritka Marble L.T.D was founded in 1978 Our facilities are located in the industrial area MANDRAS ATTICA since December 1996 at privately owned facilities with updated machinery and scope of work, marble processing exclusively for wholesale and export
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Marblemarket  (Company)

Snow white marbles from Thassos, Volakas.
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Marble Izmir 2011  (Events)

From 3/23/2011 To 3/26/2011
Izmir, Turkey
We, as Ä°zmir Fair, are pleased to organize MARBLE 2011 - 17th International Natural Stone and Tec...
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Manufacturer and exporter of Egyptian marble & granite.
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Marble, Granite & Ceramics - Indonesia 2009  (Events)

From 10/14/2009 To 10/17/2009
Jakarta, N.A. Indonesia
The 9th International Marble, Granite and Ceramics, Equipment, Materials & Product Exhibition
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Domestic Construction Materials 2012  (Events)

From 1/25/2012 To 1/28/2012
Moscow, Russia
 Building materials, designs, trimming materials, components and interior components, equipment f...
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