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PELO RED  (Material)

  Type Marble 
Color Brown
Availability Average 
Country Italy 
Suitable Other 
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Credit Insurance / Export Credit Insurance  (Definition)

Insurance policy issued or, more often from COFACE, either from private insurance, which substitutes for bank guarantees. To cover the risks incurred by the seller, manufacturing risk, credit risk, political risk, commercial risk. COFACE offers different types of policies: individual policy, global policy, subscription policy, special fonts (insurance marketing, insurance fair.CREDICA EXPORT is...
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La Scala in Milan, Italian architectural symbol of prestige  (Articles)

The most beautiful? The debate is open ... The most famous? Definitely! Mecca of Italian culture since it opened Aug. 3, 1978,the Milanese opera house "La Scala" is probably the best known. This world-class was built around a glorious past, an outstanding program, and stunning architecture.Two ye...
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Small and large sandstone Stories  (Articles)

History sandstone is not new. It begins withStonehenge"Hanging stones" in French, a monument erected in circular England between 2800 and 1100 BC. Its stones, most of sandstone, are in fact symbols funeral: dozens of tombs were found at their site. Originally, only a few rocks were arranged in a ...
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Company  (Definition)

Contract and by extension the legal entity itself created by the contract by which two or more persons agree to assign to a joint property or industry to share the profits or take advantage of the economy that may result . It may also be instituted in cases provided by law, by act of the will of one person (EURL, eg.).
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MAL: Air Waybill  (Definition)

An air waybill is a document of carriage of goods constituting the contract of carriage issued in triplicate by the shipper. Often abbreviated as LTA, it is designated in English by AWB (Air Way Bill for). The document format is standardized by the Cargo Services Conference (SCC) of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The exporter is responsible for statements which are made in...
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Small and large granite Stories  (Articles)

This natural stone has been one of the basic materials for the construction of many monuments inAncient Rome. The most famous and most impressive of them isColosseumA surrounding amphitheater began to 70 whose outer walls are structured in travertine. Able to accommodate between 50,000 and 75,000...
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Stone bridges that connect us to? History  (Articles)

What's better than a bridge to symbolize hope, curiosity, adventure? This gateway is the promise of discovering what is on the side of the other side, something new. And what better vehicle than natural stone?Long before the famous works like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and more recen...
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Small and large granite Stories  (Articles)

The timeless, universal granite but also allowed him to experience a unique history. This natural stone has not only managed to survive through time, she accomplished the feat of being acclaimed around the world.The adventure begins granite in Egypt of the pharaohs and hieroglyphics. It was at Gi...
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ESCB: European System of Central Banks  (Definition)

European System of Central Banks. It comprises the ECB and the 15 national central banks of each member state, whether or not adopted the euro. Its role is to apply in each state the decisions of the ECB
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