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Natural stone into a thousand pieces!  (Articles)

Bursts of color, arranged side by side, draw patterns harmonious ... No doubt: the mosaic is the perfect link between art and liner! Byzantine style, it consists of email and glass paste. If inspiration is Florentine, these materials are replaced by semi-precious stones. But we are interested in ...
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Small and large granite Stories  (Articles)

The timeless, universal granite but also allowed him to experience a unique history. This natural stone has not only managed to survive through time, she accomplished the feat of being acclaimed around the world.The adventure begins granite in Egypt of the pharaohs and hieroglyphics. It was at Gi...
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Exposed stone wall: naturally ostentatious!  (Articles)

Give style to his house, everyone dreams! And when it comes to character, each displays first beautiful beams and stone walls.Unfortunately, with the techniques and modern building materials, we inherit these assets more than they built them.The charm of these walls is mainly because they are all...
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Natural stone more insulation?  (Articles)

Beauty, nobility, strength ... Natural stone endlessly as its strengths. One of his few "weaknesses" is its relatively low thermal insulation capacity.A centimeter of glass wool, it takes a natural stone wall 70 centimeters thick to get the same performance. But the situation could change soon .....
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The limestone, origins and properties  (Articles)

Formation géologique   Le limestone est une roche sédimentaire qui peut se constituer en milieu océanique ou continental. On distingue les calcaires tendres, souvent français, des calcaires durs posés sur des lieux de passage intensif.   Formé naturellement, ce matériau peut contenir des élém...
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Stone to climb  (Articles)

The history of climbing as a sport, is rather recent. The first "climbers" to 19thcentury are in fact climbers who saw the practice a way to climb the peaks even faster.Obviously, the escalation is considered a business risk, even though today the majority of practitioners have many security feat...
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Granite in 7th heaven  (Articles)

The concepts of sustainable development, environmental protection, preservation of nature are in the building sector, linked to notions of natural materials. A trend that can have a positive effect on the stone industry.It is reasonable to expect that in such a context, the architects and individ...
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What is the difference between marble and granite?  (Articles)

The main component of marble is calcium carbonate (that's why it is also called carbonate), while the main component of granite is silicon oxide (that's why it is also called silicate). The chemical-physical-mechanical properties of granite are very different from those of marble and this is wh...
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Under the cobblestones, History!  (Articles)

They are so embedded in our daily lives that we no longer carry much attention ... However, pavers, and especially natural stone pavers, are true stories of our history. Accused of being uncomfortable for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, they were gradually replaced by bitumen. But the cities o...
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Do your part for sustainable development: waste management  (Articles)

Solid waste is an inevitable consequence of the activity of professionals from the world of stone. To get what they really need, manufacturers must also extract the rock unusable.It is estimated that 1000 tons of products withdrawn careers, only 70 will be used on site. Each year, as 175 million ...
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