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Equidif  (Links)

EQUIDIF, is a partner of world renowned specialists of stones, marble, granite and travertine... from all over the world, and is involved from the world-wide quarrying to the selection of the raw material and its transformation up to delivery on the spot ... EQUIDIF, has a productive capacity whi...
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GMC  (Links)

The G.M.C. Group, consisting of its three modern equipped factories, with its branch offices in Ortonovo, Massa and Porto Torres, has reached a standing position in the market of marbles and granite of a high quality production and processing.
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Manzi Marmi  (Links)

Founded in 1958 in Trani, Puglia, Manzi Marmi manufactures natural stone ranging from serial production to custom designs; the raw material used comes exclusively from their own quarries located in southern Italy.
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Marble Institute of America  (Links)

For over sixty years, the Marble Institute of America (MIA) has served as the authoritative source of information on standards of natural stone workmanship and practice and the suitable application of natural stone products. Membership in the association is worldwide and includes nearly 2,000 n...
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Institut de la pierre  (Links)

Structure dépendante de l'Association Ouvrière des Compagnons du Devoir du Tour de France, l'Institut Supérieur de Recherche et de Formation aux Métiers de la Pierre fut créé en 1992 sous l'impulsion des Compagnons Tailleurs de Pierre du Devoir avec le concours du Conseil régional Midi-Pyrénées e...
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Natural Stone Institute  (Links)

The aim of the Natural Stone Institute is to provide a knowledge base that will be used to promote a better understanding of all aspects of natural stone, from its quarrying to its use in the built environment - in both new build and conservation activities. The NSI will promote good practice thr...
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Marmo Macchine  (Links)

As a technical and promotional organization open to the entire stone and allied sectors, the Italian MARMOMACCHINE Association currently has about 250 members among producers of marble, granite and other ornamental stones and makers of machines, tools and equipment to work them. Intended as a l...
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Zapatec  (Links)

Zapatec The Ajax Framewok
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FDP  (Links)

For the last fourteen years, the Federación Española de la Piedra Natural (Spanish Federation of Natural Stone) has been responsible for grouping together and defending the interests of the natural stone business sector. During this time, the Federation has also shown its determination in working...
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CSTB  (Links)

With, for purpose, improving the well-being and safety in buildings and their environment, CSTB has four complementary areas: research, innovative engineering, quality assessment and dissemination of knowledge. Associated with its areas of expertise, they enable a comprehensive approach to buildi...
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