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Accompanied transport  (Definition)

Transporting a road track by another mode of transportation (eg rail or ferry), accompanied by his driver.
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Terminals-yards platforms or terminals  (Definition)

Facilities for exchange of intermodal transport units from one mode to another which can also be assured of technical operations and additional trade-related transportation combined.
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Combined Transport  (Definition)

Transport of goods by using multiple modes (eg piggyback is combined rail / road).
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Marking  (Definition)

Marking to verify the nature of the goods by different symbols identifying the type of goods (toxic poison, hazardous: flammable alcohol etc. ...).
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Transport unaccompanied  (Definition)

Transporting a road track by another mode of transportation (eg rail or ferry), without the presence of the driver.
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Ro-Ro / Roll-On-Roll-Off (Ro-Ro)  (Definition)

More commonly known as Ro-Ro (of English-Roll-On Roll-Off), this technique allows a road vehicle to enter / exit through his own ship, or in the case of the rolling road , train.
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Commercial Court  (Definition)

Specialized non-criminal court is a court of first instance composed of elected judges and a registrar. The "consular judges" shall hold office volunteer and have a particular responsibility to judge disputes between partners, between traders or relating to acts of commerce.
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High Gloss Polish Finish Granite  (Definition)

This is a reflective, mirror-like surface finish and is considered to be the best in regards to scratch and stain factors. This finish emphasises the colours and natural stone markings and veins.
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Brushed Finish Granite  (Definition)

Using coarse, rotary brushes, the flamed granite is then brushed removing some of the rough surface leaving a textured yet smooth, slightly rippled surface.
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Customs Valuation  (Definition)

The customs value is the value of the goods at the border of the community. This value is used to base the calculation of tariffs.
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