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How to answer a message?  (Help : FAQ)

Access to the forum requires no registration. However, in order to post or reply to messages on the forum, you need an account on the site GSM.If this is not the case, please refer to the section"How to create an account on the mobile site.If you already have an account, you simply connect to you...
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What is "New"  (Help : FAQ)

The new (or news) give you access to what has recently been added by users. Thus, you are informed in real-time news on the field of stone.
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What is the function "Send"  (Help : FAQ)

The "Send" to submit to your contacts, a page may be of interest.
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Some features are not available. Why?  (Help : FAQ)

Some features or applications need to be registered. Otherwise, access will be restricted and you will be asked to create an account if you still want access to these features.If you have not already done so, please refer to the section "How to register on the site GSM?".
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What newsletter? Is there a fee?  (Help : FAQ)

The newsletter can receive articles on various categories that are offered, namely the "News", "Articles", "Events" ... This feature also allows you to define how often you wish to receive this information. The newsletter is completely free.
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Who is the site GlobalSoneMarket?  (Help : FAQ)

GlobalStoneMarket is an information portal for professionals and individuals on the field of natural stone. It will provide elements for the development of your company.
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How do I access my Favorites?  (Help : FAQ)

With the "My Account" tab, you see, respectively, the "control panel account" and "society." In the upper part reserved to the account, you can access your bookmarks you previously established through the "My Favorites".NB: please make the distinction between the favorites "My Account" and favori...
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What is "Links"  (Help : FAQ)

The links provide access to research the most common, by all users.
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Can I submit materials?  (Help : FAQ)

This feature is reserved for members. If you do not have an account, please see the section "how to create an account on the mobile site?.Otherwise, you can access the feature through the "materials" and the link "submit."
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