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Exposed stone wall: naturally ostentatious!

Give style to his house, everyone dreams! And when it comes to character, each displays first beautiful beams and stone walls.Unfortunately, with the techniques and modern building materials, we inherit these assets more than they built them.

The charm of these walls is mainly because they are all different. Indeed, each region has its stones. And it is these local stones that were used primarily for building facades. All however, share the characteristics essential to the viability of the latter. Resistance to crushing, freezing, low porosity ... are the guarantors of the strength of the book.

These materials are divided into two families, in fact, which make up two different types of wall. We distinguish stone rubble. The first, cut especially for a building together to draw a surface "smooth" and regular. While the latter are-used as they are collected or only roughly shaped. Mason then free to arrange them in a harmonious way to raise his wall!

To link these ancient stone surfaces, it could use a mortar made of earth or lime. Lime the downside to more readily absorb rain. It is advisable to mix cement with lime to obtain what is called a mortar, more durable.

But restoring a beautiful stone wall is not everything. Remains to maintain! And vigilance must address many issues. Soiling, altered rocks, porosity, erosion, threats do not miss! Besides maintenance and regular cleaning, it will provide to achieve a new jointing stones.


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