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The term 'granite' comes from the Latin 'Granum'.

The discovery of granite goes back millions of years and it was in Egypt that the extraction of granite began, when large monuments such as the Keops pyramid were built.
In the Roman period, granite was used for paved roads and in the Renaissance for the construction of housing.

According to geological estimations, granite represents a large part of the earth's crust, approximately 22% of the globe's surface.

Granite is a plutonic magmatic rock with a crumb structure, that is to say totally crystallised, formed by the deep and slow cooling of magma from the partial fusion of the continental crust.

Granite is a hard and resistant rock, 6/7 on the MOHS scale. Its average density is 2.750 kg/m3 and its absorption ratio varies between 0.20 and 0.40%.

Granite is formed of grains between 2 and 5 mm. The coarseness of granite is determined by the speed in which magma solidifies, either quickly whereby small crystals are formed and the structure is microgranular, or slowly whereby large crystals are formed (pegmatite).

The mineral composition of granite varies according to its type and origin but granite is generally composed of quartz (25 to 35%), potash feldspar (orthosite or microcline), sodium calcium feldspar (plagioclase) (over 50%) and a muscovite or hornblende mineral (less than 20%).

The colour of granite is determined by the colours of the feldspar which can be white, salmon coloured, tan or pink. The quartz crystals in the granite are generally light, milky or smoky in colour.

The commercial stone industry, depending on the supplier, includes various granite-type stone under the 'granite' label, such as gneiss and certain types of quartz which are metamorphic stones, the technical characteristics of which are similar to granite.

It is used as a building material, for wall, roof and floor coverings, as well as for decorative purposes and kitchen work surfaces.
Minimum care guarantees it a long life.

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