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The origin of the term 'MARBLE' comes from the Greek 'MARMAROS' which means 'Immaculate and shining stone'.  But also from the Arabic marmar.

If we were to describe 'MARBLE' we could say that Marble is a Natural, Elegant, Beautiful, Rich and Lasting Stone created to be admired.

In the primary era, Marble was used by the Greek empire. Over time, the extraction and shaping techniques for this stone were perfected.
The Greeks constructed many impressive statues and monuments including the Parthenon.

The distinctive feature of marble is its white colour, and since the Roman era, Carrare in Tuscany with its white marbles has always been one of the hubs of the World of Marble, but there is a great variety of Marble across the globe, rich in colour marked with veins crossing through the marble in an irregular manner, giving it its distinguished aspect. The colours and veins of each block are unique.

Marble is a re-crystallised metamorphic rock deriving from sedimentary rock (limestone) transformed over time by changes in pressure and temperature.

The main composition of marble is limestone and calcite or dolomite, or a combination of the two.

There are two types of marble:

  1. calcareous marble (formed from limestone)
  2. dolomitic marble (formed from dolomite)

Everything that composes marble depends on its geological origin, and is influenced by the materials around it and by the composition of the calcite or dolomite.
From very bright colours to paler colours, metal oxide inclusions make up the veins that give marble its 'marbled' effect and its various colours.

Marble is a compact stone, the porosity of which varies depending on the materials but generally its absorption rate is below 0.5%.
The density of Marble is approximately 2400 kg/m3 and its hardness is ¾ on the MOHS scale.

Marble is used for many purposes and has been used centuries, from Michelangelo's Pieta Sculpture, decorating Chateaux (Versailles), places of worship (St Peter's Basilica, the Medina Mosque and Mecca, the Temple of Zeus, the Tower of Pisa), to apartments and public places etc...

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